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Yasmeen Fatimah

Yasmeen Fatimah is a registered nurse and has specialized in hospice and palliative care for over ten years. She is a Certified Death Doula (midwife, although she prefers Rebirthing Doula), a calling that focuses on the holistic and spiritual aspect of end-of-lifecare. After recently experiencing her own spiritual awakening, she has realized that she is an Earth Angel. She possesses a special connection to the Divine, with a knowing that allows her to speak directly to the souls of those embarking on this journey, helping them to gain clarity, and serving as a bridge to the unknown.

She believes we must make space for all things to work together as they should, and allow ourselves to be in the moment and soak it in. For, truly, the moment is all we have.

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Death is mostly always perceived as a tragedy, especially in western culture; no matter the circumstances.

Death, however, is an illusion. A mere transference of Energy.

We are ALL energy. Spiritual beings having a human experience.
Energy just is… never created, never destroyed. Eternal. Infinite.

There will be the experience of pain in this realm, on this journey. It is all a part of this play of Life. Suffering, however, is a choice.

Peace can be experienced and suffering eliminated, in the knowing that no one in, their true essence, ever leaves. They have just changed form. And they will forever live in your heart. What you’ve known of them has always and only been a projection of that that is within You, anyway. Grief is simply unexpressed Love. The thought that that Love can no longer be felt or expressed.

Love is the strongest magic in the universe. Love is eternal. Who we truly are is eternal. One with all there has been...
All there is...
All there ever will be…

Even when the illusion of separation overtakes you and you weep… sob  even, under that imaginary pressure that is felt from ones perceived absence; when you come back to your true self, your center, there you are and there they are…

And it is well with your soul.

Be in The


Yasmeen Fatimah gifts readers with a practical, yet spiritual and highly personal guidebook to navigating end of life, shedding light on what to expect as one faces old age or terminal illness. She wishes to help those starting on this journey, their families, and their loved ones to navigate this time by sharing her wisdom and guidance, making it all relatable by including her personal experiences.


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